Classes are taught using Fully Active Learning, where every student is prompted to engage, interact, and discuss, leading to better understanding, retention, and recall. Designed specifically to support Fully Active Learning, interdisciplinary curricula, and outcomes-based assessments, all courses are delivered via our proprietary platform, Forum™.

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Flipped classrooms make the most of hybrid learning

Integrating experiential learning with academics, curriculum, and technology is at the center of the MBacc classroom. On Forum, class sessions in each course are 50-60 minutes long and meet twice per week, with the remainder of time available for guided self-study, electives, and other required high school courses. This blend of synchronous and asynchronous learning makes more efficient use of class time and provides ample opportunity for other educational and personal pursuits.

The MBacc offers the flexibility of synchronous, online classes coupled with personalized schedules and experiential learning. Together, this enhances sustainability of program continuity and builds resiliency of your school and students.

This program is already making me think about things differently. I am staying up late thinking about how semipermeable membranes are all around me … how literary context applies to my own writing. This is the challenge I have been waiting for and I will not waste it.
Pioneer Minerva Baccalaureate student
Instructor training that upskills teachers for the future

All MBacc schools receive special teacher training that empowers instructors to teach using Fully Active Learning and on Forum. Minerva staff assist with faculty development, and deliver detailed reports regarding the instructional practices of each individual instructor. The most informative parts of these reports concern facets of practice that go beyond the objective metrics captured in the analytics dashboards. Examples include instructors' ability to capitalize on unanticipated "teachable moments," their skill at knowing when to speed up and when to slow down, and their effectiveness at nurturing a welcoming classroom environment.

In most high schools, most students are disengaged most of the time. In Minerva programs, 90% of learners are engaged over 90% of the time. It’s turbocharged engagement.
Tom Vander Ark

Curriculum Design
The MBacc curriculum was designed to span disciplines and contexts, equipping students with enduring, transferable skills and knowledge.

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Learning Outcomes

MBacc classes are built to drive toward explicit learning outcomes; these include core concepts from each subject as well as cognitive tools applicable across subjects.

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The Minerva Baccalaureate improves class engagement and learning outcomes, preparing students to be more effective leaders, innovators, and global citizens.

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